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Frequently Asked Questions

What are salary schedules?
Salary schedules are the public documents that say what teachers, speech language pathologists, and others get paid in a school district.
Are speech language pathologists included in salary schedules?
Sometimes speech language pathologists are specifically mentioned in salary schedules, but other times school districts group SLPs in with teachers who have masters degrees.
Ah, so not all salary schedules look the same?
Unfortunately that's right -- each district can have a different-looking salary schedule, but they should all have the same information
The school district I'm interested in doesn't have a salary schedule submitted yet. Can I get notified when one gets submitted?
Absolutely. Request the salary schedule and sign up to receive an email when it's submitted.

Requested Salary Schedules

These are school districts with the most-requested salary schedules. Anyone from the SLP community can add a school district to this list, or find and submit salary schedules from these districts to make them more-easily discoverable.

School districts with the most-requested salary schedule