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SLP Careers helped me negotiate a 41% increase in pay

SLP Careers is everything that our field needs to advocate for the pay that we deserve. It helped me realize I was being grossly underpaid, and I used it to help me negotiate a 41% increase in pay during my CF! I am so glad that I was able to have the data back me up when I asked for more.

We all found it extremely helpful

In my graduate studies course on contemporary issues in our field, we talked about lack of transparency surrounding salaries. Around this time, I found out about this website and was able to share it with my classmates. We all found it extremely helpful to see what real people are making in the settings and counties that we are interested in.

Marie H..

Marie H.

SLP Graduate Student

I am not only supported by objective facts, but a vast network of SLPs

SLP Careers has been an empowering experience for me. When I use the salary data to negotiate, I feel confident that I am not only supported by objective facts, but that I also have a vast network of SLPs behind me who all want me to succeed. When I enter my own salaries, I envision another SLP seeing that data and realizing their own professional worth.




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