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It's hard to know what you should get paid as a CF. The Speech Pathologist Salary calculator helps with CF salaries too.
Speech Pathologist and Patient

There are three ways to get early access

The speech pathologist salary calculator gets more accurate as more compensations are submitted. Get early access by contributing compensations.

There are three ways to get early access

Submit your current compensation

By anonymously submitting how much you make in your current job, and sharing your city and setting, you'll get an opportunity to get on the waitlist and improve the accuracy of the speech pathologist salary calculator.

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Frequently asked questions

If I share my compensation with you, will it be kept anonymous?


We don't ask you for any personally identifiable information, so we couldn't de-anonymize your reported compensation if we wanted to (which we don't.)

Please do keep in mind, though, that the information you give{' '} will be displayed publicly online. Nobody will know it came from you, but it will be seen by others.

The only compensation I can report is my CFY - is that helpful?


Please submit your compensation for your clinical fellowship -- it is very helpful!